Sweet Treats is owned and operated by Cheryl Goodrich and Judy Hickey, both residents of Duxbury. Their mission is to create childhood memories one sweet treat at a time!

As proprietor of Barneyís Gas Cheryl had heard many stories from local families, about Barney's and Papaís Place. Both were Candy Shops in the Millbrook area of Duxbury that had made enough of an impression on the residents that everyone still talks about their childhood memories of buying candy. Cherylís vision was to bring those memories back to life for the current children of Duxbury and so Sweet Treats was born.


Judy Hickey raised four children in the Millbrook area of Duxbury. She often thought a Penny Candy store would be a great addition to the business area. When Cheryl mentioned her idea for a candy shop in a nearby historic building, she jumped at the chance to help.

Today Sweet Treats is located in the old grain store of Goodrich Lumber. There are many reminders of itís past. There is an old door that hangs on the wall, the current candy counter was brought over from the old lumber yard. Residents come in and recall how they used to play on piles of  grain sacks where the fudge is now located, and that the train used to pass between our building and the one next door. Cheryl and Judy love hearing people reminisce about Duxbury years ago.



 285 St. George Street, Suite 1, Duxbury, MA 02332 | 339-234-1182 | sweettreatsduxbury@gmail.com